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What is SpeechBoards?

SpeechBoards is a free desktop application that allows clinicians to generate communication boards in multiple languages, customized to each patient.


Powered by Google Translate, SpeechBoards gives the user the ability to create communication boards with 4000+ possible language combinations.

Image Library

SpeechBoards offers an image library of 100+ images, and the unlimited freedom to upload custom images to include in communication boards.

Our Mission

60-70% of preventable hospital deaths are caused by communication errors. [The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations]

A majority of these deaths are patients who have communication difficulties, such as:

  • refugees and migrants

  • foreign language-speaking patients

  • stroke victims

  • other communication issues and impairments

SpeechBoards aims to provide a free, accessible platform for physicians, nurses, and other medical workers to develop custom communication boards that can bridge the communication barrier between clinician and patient.